DireTalk RECAP

Direwolf AMAs and streams are one of the few ways in which Direwolf keeps the community up to date. With an active presence on multiple social media platforms, the Direwolf Team hosts streams three times a week. These streams can be found on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook at 9 pm UTC on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Streams and AMAs are targeted to provide the community with all the relevant updates and information on a weekly basis. The reason why Direwolf has an increased focus on updating the community is because we realize the importance that the community plays. It is centered around providing decentralized payment systems in which the holders and the community play a huge role. Direwolf and all decisions that go along with it directly impact all the holders and members of the community. Bearing this in mind, Direwolf plays an active role in updating its community on the day-to-day happenings. After all, a day in the crypto world seems like years.

In order to increase the amount of trust the community has and the amount of information that Direwolf provides, our streams engage in community building efforts. With a substantial increase in viewership over recent times, we believe in enabling the community to make decisions that impact them as a collective. In order to enable community decision making, Direwolf has created polls for important decisions. One such example would be getting the Direwolf Official Mascot named Dire. We have had polls on partnerships, network listings, liquidity pools, and more important matters, all ensuring that the community of holders are primary stakeholders.


Earlier this week, a scammer joined our Direwolf Discord server, pretending to be Cody. Cody is one of our core team members who actively talks to community members. Using his identity, the scammer was able to scam multiple members of the community in a short span of time, stealing a significantly hefty sum of money. Cody was very vocal on stream, along with the other team members, as they discussed the threat of scammers. The Direwolf community also has to face the risk of being scammed on the Telegram chat. The core team started adding to (will not DM first) to their usernames on Telegram in an attempt to protect the community from fraud. The Direwolf team has an extremely stringent internal check and balance system, whereby community members are first asked to contact the core team, never the other way around. The Direwolf team understands both the intensity and frequency of fraudulent activities within the cryptocurrency space. In order to counter these malicious scammers the core team aims to be as transparent as possible with the Direwolf community. Make sure to report scam accounts to protect others in the community!


The DireTalk Stream goes live on both Twitch and YouTube every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at either 9:00 PM UTC or 11:00 PM UTC. The stream is one of Direwolf’s most significant projects in terms of the community. The stream aims to become an irreplaceable platform for the Direwolf community, eventually branching out by commanding an increasing audience. Direwolf requires essential community feedback in order to maximize the potential of DireTalk! The stream is currently evolving as our hosting team learns something new each time they go live, it is important that YOU help us provide the best content possible for Direwolf fans! Would you like to see the stream structured in a different way? Or would you enjoy it if more AMAs were being hosted? Provide your critique, feedback, and suggestions from your perspective. Direwolf plans to fully optimize the stream according to what the people want. Mail us your ideas at Productions@Direwolftoken.com.


DireSwag is more than merchandise, DireSwag is exclusive community merchandise. Do you want to submit your artwork to Direwolf and compete for MULTIPLE REWARDS? Here’s your chance to have YOUR design featured on the hub of all things Direwolf! Send in your entries to Contest@Direwolftoken.com before it is too late!

Remember to follow Direwolf on ANY of our social media platforms; we have an account on each platform you use! We post regular updates regarding general updates and Direwolf streams alike make sure to get the latest information directly from the source! Direwolf is planning very big things for the community, set to be announced VERY SOON. In the cryptocurrency space an hour can feel like days, Follow Direwolf to keep up with rapidly evolving dynamics as we help forge your path towards the future!

Official Direwolf Links:

🌎 Website: https://www.direwolftoken.com/
🗣 Telegram: https://t.me/direwolftoken
🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/direwolftoken
🗒 Medium: https://direwolftoken.medium.com/




Direwolf is transforming. Please find more information on Direwolf Token on our Discord at https://discord.gg/JbNkZaFbeh

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Direwolf is transforming. Please find more information on Direwolf Token on our Discord at https://discord.gg/JbNkZaFbeh

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