DireWins: How Direwolf BLEW UP in just 4 MONTHS!

The Direwolf community is continuously growing larger by the day but it was not always like this. Coming from humble beginnings as an extremely popular meme token during the crypto boom, Direwolf has now transitioned into a community-driven project encompassing a myriad of ventures within it. Let us explain exactly how we achieved so much growth in such a short span of time, by discussing a list of Direwolf achievements starting from our earliest days. The following is a list of our monumental DIREWINS from the very start!

An INCREDIBLE 10 times over increase in Direwolf Token’s value! (24th of May)

Direwolf Token’s trading price saw a dramatic increase earlier this year, which barely just one week after the token officially went live.

100 year long liquidity lock set for Direwolf. (24th of May)

Direwolf has locked liquidity for the next 100 years. This is essential to prevent fraudulent actions, etc. The previous liquidity lock was only set for 1 year.

Direwolf Presence on Twitter exceeded 1,000+ followers! (30th of May)

One of our largest and fastest growing social media platforms has always been Twitter. On May 30th, 2021, the official Direwolf Twitter account reached 1000 followers. Currently, our total Twitter following exceeds 9,500 people!

Official DIREWOLF WHITE PAPER was uploaded! (2nd of June)

An official whitepaper is an essential step in formalizing any crypto-related project, or any project for that matter. On the 2nd of June, 2021, Direwolf released the first version of their whitepaper showing just how serious they are.


It was the single largest redistribution of wealth in human history. A truly monumental feat, the DireDrop was done over the course of 4 phases, each successful in its implementation. This was all the proof needed to cement Direwolf as truly community driven.

Direwolf becomes OFFICIALLY listed on Coinmarketcap.com! (3rd of June)

One of the first exchanges we joined hands with, allowing Direwolf to not only see a major increase in trading volume, but also added validity to the project.


Since it was a pivotal decision, the community was asked if they wanted to proceed with the Axion partnership, as a large majority of YOU were in favour, we finalized the partnership agreement only days after. The Direwolf community was right, as in the coming few weeks we saw a HUGE influx of NEW Direwolf holders!

Goldfarm.io partnership finalized after 95% OF THE COMMUNITY VOTED for it. (16th of June)

This major partnership was agreed upon by the core team ONLY after the community voted in favour of, further solidifying Direwolf as a community-based token.

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT that 8 core team members will be getting DOXXED! (18th of June)

Trust and transparency are not assumed, rather must be earned. On 18th of June, the Direwolf core team took a MASSIVE step towards building trust with the community by announcing that 8 of them would be disclosing personal details as part of being DOXXED.

$20,000 donated to the Southern Ohio Wolf Sanctuary, along with a site visit. (7th of July)

The entirety of the donation was raised by our community. In partnership with Axion, a site visit was carried out by the wolfpack. The sanctuary was open for 3 days, solely for our team. Our very own mascot also has his home there!

Direwolf partnered up with UNTAMED ISLES on the journey to REVOLUTIONIZE Play2earn NFT GAMING via an NFT Marketplace! (9th of July)

The NFT Marketplace will be a unique addition to the gaming world, bringing with itself the potential for seamless NFT integration for blockchain-based trading. On 9th of July, Phat Loot Studios was announced as our first NFT Gaming partner! Marking the beginning of the NFT Gaming Revolution with their upcoming MMORPG titled ‘Untamed Isles’.

Our very own FidgetyBEAST began streaming AMA content on Twitch! (13th of July)

Providing regular updates to our community has always been an utmost priority, we began with just the GREAT FidgetyBEAST, and now our streams have multiple hosts, multiple times a week.

MERCHANDISE STORE announced! You can now wear OUR DIRESWAG! (21st of July)

By far the coolest merchandise store went live on 21st of July. If you have not had the chance to, check out all the exclusive community designs we have to offer! Thanks to DireSwag, all your wolf apparel needs are met in one place. ALL KINDS OF MERCHANDISE are available. 25% of all sales go directly towards DireCharity initiatives!

Confirmation with Dextools.io to run OUR BANNER on their site! (30th of July)

We finally locked in OUR OWN DIREWOLF BANNER to run on Dextools.io, a major step in not only getting our name out there, but also for adding more validity to the brand!

NEW WEBPAGE finally went LIVE! (30th of July)

The Direwolf core team always knew the significance of an updated website. 30th of July, 2021, was the first time our new website design went live, and ever since, we are constantly improving and updating it.

DISCORD WOLFPACK 1,000+ Strong! (10th of August)

Another one of our online community platforms achieved a massive milestone on the 10th of August. By surpassing 1,000 people on the Discord server, it was evidenced that the Direwolfpack is here to stay.

ANNOUNCING our mascot wolf pup named DIRE! (21st of August)

Dire lives back home at the Southern Ohio Wolf Sanctuary. Our community voted on his name, and are always waiting for updates regarding our good boy!


The entire Direwolf community contributed massively towards the marketing pool. With $60,000 to spend on media buying and marketing, important information can be disseminated in order to give the community the ability to make the right informed decisions, while simultaneously improving Direwolf’s image

Partnership announced with THE INSIDE EDGE CLUB by CATALYST CAPITAL! (23rd of August)

The Inside Edge Club is a finance-based operation with whom Direwolf recently entered in a partnership with. A Direwolf Token branded debit card was one of the first major announcements emerging from this agreement!

FIRST EVER DIRETALK streamed on both Twitch and YouTube! (24th of August)

The Direwolf team goes live on both YouTube and Twitch 3 times a week now. Bringing you the latest updates from the DireWorld.


In order to bring more and more features to Untamed Isles, a Kickstarter campaign was launched allow for crowd funding meant to facilitate different things everyone wants added to the game. Check out the stretch goals on Kickstarter, and while you are there do not forget to pledge and get EXCLUSIVE REWARDS. Hurry up before they all get sold out!

Official Direwolf Links:

🌎 Website: https://www.direwolftoken.com/
🗣 Telegram: https://t.me/direwolftoken
🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/direwolftoken
🗒 Medium: https://direwolftoken.medium.com/

Direwolf is transforming. Please find more information on Direwolf Token on our Discord at https://discord.gg/JbNkZaFbeh