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At Direwolf, we have always believed in rising by lifting others. Our community consists of incredibly altruistic people who have prioritized giving back to the community as an objective from the get go. Likewise, the team behind Direwolf continue to work towards various charitable ventures. DireCharity aims to facilitate the maintenance and development of Wolf Sanctuaries far and wide, while also never missing an opportunity to help out fellow community members. Recently, the team helped a community member out with $6,000 in medical assistance. Ensuring no wolf is left behind.

The Southern Ohio Wolf Sanctuary Inc. received a community donation of $20,000 from Direwolf in collaboration with Axion. A Direwolf core team member even went on a dedicated site visit to check it out. DireCharity had been looking to contribute towards the Southern Ohio Wolf Sanctuary for quite some time, so once the confirmation for the donation came through, many were both relieved and excited for more community driven initiatives! DireCharity is one of the most integral parts of Direworld, to the extent that community-driven charity fundraisers are frequently held. Many more charitable contributions are in the pipeline and will be ready to announce very soon!

An incredible way of giving back and receiving something at the same time is by purchasing some DireSwag from our official store! DireSwag is an all in one swag store for all kinds of uniquely designed merchandise. Featuring one of kind designs made by our very own community, and so many different options to choose from! Not a fan of t-shirts or hoodies? Why not opt for some mugs, bags, and phone covers? Meaning that DireSwag has something for everyone, we wanted to maximize the options for our wonderful community so that DireCharity can continue to create meaningful change. 25% of each sale goes towards charitable contributions. Order some of the best wolf apparel and merchandise from DireSwag while also giving back to the community! Check out the DireSwag website while limited stocks last, giving you one more chance to get exclusive merchandise that may never be made again! The best part is, for all orders exceeding $75; Direwolf will cover your delivery cost. You better hurry up though; this is a website-exclusive limited time offer so it will not be available for long!

In other news, The Untamed Isles Kickstarter campaign has EXCEEDED 200 % of its goal with 15 days to go in the campaign. Although this is an extremely promising development, it could also spell bad news from some. Such successful first few days mean that the exclusive Kickstarter pledge rewards for Untamed Isles are running out! There is still some time however, check out Untamed Isles on Kickstarter today. Pledge whatever you can and get exclusive rewards!

Untamed Isles is just the first game to be released in partnership with Direwolf NFT Gaming, there are many different games in development that will soon be announced to the public. Reports are in stating that the next game to be released in collaboration with Direwolf is being designed on UNREAL ENGINE, promising an unreal experience. Work has already begun on the second game, ensuring it reaches its full potential!

Did you know we also have a wolf puppy mascot named Dire? Are you excited to hear more? Follow us on Medium, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. If you want to join the wolfpack, make sure to be part of our Discord channel, Subreddit, and Telegram. What are you waiting for? Learn more about Direwolf, and run with the pack that leaves no wolves left behind.

Official Direwolf Links:

🌎 Website: https://www.direwolftoken.com/
🗣 Telegram: https://t.me/direwolftoken
🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/direwolftoken
🗒 Medium: https://direwolftoken.medium.com/




Direwolf is transforming. Please find more information on Direwolf Token on our Discord at https://discord.gg/JbNkZaFbeh

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Direwolf is transforming. Please find more information on Direwolf Token on our Discord at https://discord.gg/JbNkZaFbeh

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