We will be doing progress reports that cover all our development and progress. The goal of these reports is to bring you the latest updates on the entire Direwolf metaverse. Direwolf is not just another meme coin as the community discovered on July 1st, 2021, it is aiming to be the leading cross-game NFT marketplace for Massively Multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG).

This report will cover the progress we have made from inception to 07/01/2021. The weekly reports cover all the progress made in the week prior to a published report.

Beyond that, the Direwolf team has created community positions to assist them in engaging with the community and publishing content on a more regular basis. Marketing for Direwolf is about to start firing on all cylinders, so buckle up for the wild ride ahead!

🗒 Topics

✅ Why Direwolf is not just another meme coin
✅ MMORPG codenamed Direworld
✅ Soon to be announced a partnership with international gaming developer
✅ Play to earn
✅ Venture Capital Investments
✅ In-game trading of assets & cross-game trading
✅ Technology agnostic gaming
✅ NFT Minting

The Big News

Today marks a new beginning of the Direwolf project. A pivotal moment of our already epic journey. You’ve all been waiting patiently for the “game” changing secret reveal and we are glad we can finally share it with you now.

Over the last 3 weeks, we have been conceptualizing a major undertaking that will set us apart for good.

An undertaking so bold and groundbreaking that it has the potential to set a new standard in multiple industries at the same time.

In a space that is full of tokens that just have “swaps” as their claim to fame, we will have not only the most coveted community but an entire ecosystem.

We have named that undertaking Direworld as a temporary internal codename. Over the weeks it has set many things in motion and we concluded just 20 hours ago on finalizing and signing the paperwork with a yet to be disclosed MMORPG game developer. Direworld will redefine how the gaming industry and the cryptocurrency space will intertwine, bringing both worlds together in a way not seen before. We have built a solid reputation for delivering on what we say we will deliver. Delivering on Direworld will be no different.

The Concept

Direworld will be redefining the concept of an NFT marketplace specifically for the gaming industry. The gaming industry is shifting to a “Play to Earn” business model, where in-game items (collectibles, traits, etc) earned through playing the game resemble a monetary value to be bought and sold.

However, the infrastructure to support this is not the core business of a game developer. An in-house solution per game developer is also not ideal, as it means re-inventing the wheel each time. Existing solutions on the market are difficult to integrate and are hard to use for end-users — providing friction in the user interaction. We believe game first, crypto second and to make that interaction as seamless as possible so that gamers are not bothered will all the technicality around crypto.

Direworld will solve these problems by being:

🐺 Unified: Seamless user interaction between game and marketplace because of actual 3D rendering of game elements from within the web-based marketplace, in addition to the game look and feel integration. The web-based marketplace is connected to the game backend API and can load up anything that is to be traded, as well as user profiles, avatars, etc.

🐺 Integrated: We will allow in-game features to interact with the NFT marketplace through our API, frictionless. Think of minting a collectible into an NFT right from the game itself with a push of a button.

🐺 Centralized: One platform for bigger adoption and economies of scale. You will be able to trade in-game items from game X to in-game items from game Y. Our ambition is nothing less than to be the go-to platform for this use-case, much like how Discord aimed to be the voice communication platform for gamers and succeeded beyond that.

🐺 Abstracted: The platform interface is technology agnostic. Game developers don’t need to understand blockchain technology. We will be able to change the underlying technology with no penalty, anticipating on the new third generation blockchain technologies underway.

How will it benefit the Direwolf project?

🐺 We signed a partnership with a game developer that is scheduled to release an MMORPG game in December. At their request (for preparing all the marketing material and rollout) we will disclose their name and game title next week 8 July 17:00 UTC. From their previous experience, they forecasted a huge player base onboarding the game after the release, which will be the users interacting with Direwolf through the web-based marketplace. And this is just 1 game.

🐺 We will be onboarded on the marketing campaign of that game developer, including various high exposure channels yet to be disclosed.

🐺 By bridging the two worlds (gaming and crypto) in a seamless integration, we are being exposed to a much larger audience currently not involved in the cryptocurrency space. The rate of growth in the number of holders this will achieve is unimaginable.

🐺 More partnerships and game integrations are being explored with other game developers, though our main focus currently is releasing the platform as soon as possible with that game developer already on board.

🐺 We’re raising external investment/funding into this project to make a dedicated team of highly skilled developers possible. Not only will this create an additional investment in the Direwolf project, but it will also bring the eyes of some large VC investment firms to the project.

🐺 Profits generated through this platform will flow back to Direwolf holders, essentially regarding them as shareholders. That could be in various forms, such as airdropping USDT, adding to the liquidity pool and raising the price (through buyback and burn), or creating farms and other staking mechanisms to redistribute that profit.

What's next

All funding has been external and no community funds have been spent.

We’ll release more information over the coming days/weeks such as articles, mockups, UI designs, development roadmap, planning, milestones, marketing activities and growth projection details.

The next reveal on 8 July 19:00 UTC will be all about the aforementioned game title and game developer.

We hope you’re as excited as we are! Let's share and enjoy this amazing journey ahead of us together. Thank you for being here, you are making this all possible. 🐺❤️🙏

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