RECAP: AMA with The Catalyst Capital Holdings TM

Over the weekend DireProductions had the pleasure of talking to Will Torbet, the CMO of the Inside Edge Club by Catalyst Capital Holdings TM. The AMA session was attended by both Direwolf and Catalyst Capital community members, who offered their burning questions for discussion on stream. To say the least, this AMA was one not to be missed. Your wolfpack has you covered regardless; let us summarize all you need to know about the partnership between Catalyst Capital Holdings TM and Direwolf.

The Inside Edge Club, by Catalyst Capital Holdings TM, specializes in a host of various finance-related operations. They utilize a wide array of financial tools for multiple purposes. The most significant of which are their predictive and financial forecasting services, along with their aim to educate people about how to be more fiscally responsible.

Have you ever worried too much about how and where to invest? Have you felt compelled to begin trading cryptocurrencies but lacked the prerequisite knowledge? Have you wanted to bet on your favourite sports teams without the risk of losing everything you have worked for? The Inside Edge Company is the solution to the problems you may not even fully understand. In the modern age of blockchain currencies gaining more and more prominence, the Inside Edge Club give you the confidence to take the next big step in your life by safely investing in these markets. Not only that, more and more states have begun legalizing and encouraging sports betting, in response to which Catalyst Capital Holdings TM have begun specializing in sports wagering, providing the best tools and information in the market.

NOW you do not have to spend countless hours studying the crypto market. The Inside Edge Club does all of the leg work for you. They provide high quality leads on the most profitable options, while removing the guesswork so you can make the most out of your money. Thanks to their robust AI-based data analysis tools, they provide the information you need without any of the jargon at a fraction of the cost. You will be saving your time, money and effort with the Inside Edge Club. All the while, the Inside Edge Club equips you with everything needed to make the most of your finances.

The first major announcement from this partnership was the development of the FIRST DIREWOLF TOKEN BRANDED DEBIT CARD! Fans of both Direwolf and Catalyst Capital Holdings TM had been eagerly awaiting more updates for weeks. Their voices were finally heard, and we finally have more information!

According to Will Torbet, the Direwolf branded debit card will have the same functionality as the debit card Catalyst Capital Holdings TM will be offering. Catalyst Capital Holdings TM aim to change the way we make transactions, both from the perspective of users and merchants. Catalyst Capital Holdings TM provides the inside edge to their users through a completely secure mobile debit card, which streamlines both fiat and crypto currency based transactions. Allowing you to do more than ever before! Will Torbet went as far as to say that users will be able to utilize their card to make purchases with crypto currency, given that the transactions are support by the integrations they are planning. In terms of appealing to merchants, particularly those looking to affiliate themselves with Catalyst Capital Holdings TM, Will Torbet said the rebates are so fast that you could order a pizza and receive a rebate before the pizza reaches the front door. Additionally, Catalyst Capital Holdings TM has established a secure system, whereby not only are all transactions encrypted, their fulfilment is almost guaranteed. Ensuring that there are no charge backs on ANY payments.

What separates the Direwolf branded debit card by Catalyst Capital Holdings TM from other competitors is the sheer level of security and usability it offers. The backend encryption system is so secure that not even a single person at Catalyst Capital Holdings TM is aware of your card details. The card can be set up through a bank, or through direct deposit. If one opts for direct deposit, they would be the only person to be in control of their details, whereas if they run it through a bank, only the bank will maintain a record of the necessary details they require for operational purposes.

The synergy between Direwolf and Catalyst Capital Holdings TM is leading to announcements that both communities are struggling to keep up with! This recent AMA may have addressed various aspects, however, these answered have only sparked more curiosity and intrigue within the wolfpack! Such as, when can the community get their hands on this exclusive Direwolf branded debit card? For which a time window has not been confirmed as of yet. There is no need to worry, especially since the Inside Edge Club by Catalyst Capital will be back on stream sooner than you can say ARRRROOOOOOOOOOO!

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