The Untamed Isles’ Lore!

Untamed Isles has significantly grown in popularity in a very short span of time. From being virtually unknown to many just a few weeks ago, Untamed Isles is now already half way to their goal on Kickstarter! If you have not already, go check out the exclusive AND limited pledge rewards up for grabs. Avail the opportunity to get your hands on incredible rewards right now before it is too late!

What makes this game so appealing, and why has it caught the eye of so many in such a short period of time? Untamed Isles appeals to fans of videos games, particularly MMORPGs because of how well designed the gameplay is, how incredible the open-world environment is, and how limitless the possibilities are. 7 limbs can be mixed and matched to create more possibilities for Tames than the entire player base could get through. Apart from that, the weather, location, and terrain where the Tame is obtained all factor in, meaning the possibilities are truly endless. Untamed Isles also appeals to fans of NFT Gaming and Blockchain. A developing niche, NFT integration is revolutionizes whatever industry it comes in contact with. Direwolf NFT Gaming is taking the step forward for gaming by introducing an NFT Marketplace, allowing gamers to PLAY TO EARN, by trading unique NFTs for more than in-game currency. Players can buy and sell NFTs for Direwolftokens. Untamed Isles is the first of many games set to join the the direwolf platform, seamless cross-game NFT trading has become a very popular topic of discussion among blockchain and crypto enthusiasts.

Both of the aforementioned communities were always destined to be attracted towards The Untamed Isles, another relatively unexpected addition to the future player base is a community of mystery-story fanatics! Reading enthusiasts have already begun showing their appreciation for the lore behind Untamed Isles, made possible through the contributions of critically-acclaimed New York Time’s bestselling author named Aaron Hodges. He has agreed upon writing an ENTIRE SERIES of books explaining and adding to the lore of the Isles World. The first book of this series, titled “Untamed Isles: The Path Awakens” is already available as a pledge reward for the Untamed Isles Kickstarter, which would be the best way to get your hands on it before anyone else. The book is set for release before the game comes out; giving you all you need to get HYPED before Untamed Isles releases. Moreover, this rich story will be experienced by the players and will be expanded upon each season as players uncover the mysteries of the Untamed Isles.

Phat Loot Studios know that the community does not like to wait, so they went ahead and released a teaser, featuring the prologue, and the following first six chapters. Check out their press kit on the official Untamed Isles website if you have not already, the narrative is ever-gripping and is an immersive read unlike any other. When creating a compelling in-game narrative, it was essential to balance the overlap between the book series and the story played through in-game. Therefore, players are not the protagonists in this story, the lore carefully created by Aaron Hodges and the lead game designer Joshua Grant has the players arrive 12 months behind the “Pathfinders” who have already arrived, and begun exploring the Isles while uncovering their mysteries. Setting the players up to try their best and surpass the Pathfinders, who have already made the Untamed Isles their home long before the players began their journey.


The path awakens with a ship out at tumultuous seas, the captain of which, Garret, struggles to remain composed as more and more of his men are swept away by the vicious tides. The storm somehow dissipates in a matter of seconds, leaving the survivors utterly dumbfounded. The calm after the storm was terrifying silent, everything was completely still, much like the ship itself. Somehow, the vessel lay perfectly perched atop dry land, when mere moments ago the vast expanse of the sea stretched out further than the horizon itself. This occurrence was on par with magic, or maybe even more than that?

Why would anyone willingly undergo such torturous circumstances? Follow the lives of Clayton and his elder brother, Damien to find out. Read along as they navigate their complex relationship with each other, while investigating whispered rumours about a mysterious crystal, with powers from realms beyond our imagination. Remain entranced as their storylines intertwine with a hooded-thief, running from an inescapable fate, a steely-eyed captain, who could strike a man down with just her glare, and so much more.

Unfathomable adventures, shrouded with magic, mystery, and fantasy await YOU! Support Aaron Hodges, Joshua Grant, and the entire team behind Untamed Isles to complete the tale and bring you a game unlike any other.

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Direwolf is transforming. Please find more information on Direwolf Token on our Discord at

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